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                                                                 The 'Best' thing that ever happened to Men.

                                                                      The Four 'Best' Gills that I ever Dated.
                                                                    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  - - - -

            Alexis Hively  - My first real Love.   She was Pretty (Virgin) as could be.     I was playing Drums and she fell in love with Me.      She was 'Sharp'    We drove around in My Chevelle, and Rocked to My tunes a lot.   We did a lot of things together, and had a lot of Fun.  She went to watch Me play Basketball, and she really had it in for Me   At Night We went to "Fred's" Drive-in, and Dined-Out.                   I took her to My "Class Of 74 Prom".                                                                                                       She was Good-Looking.

          Marsha Richmond  - We met at The Bowling Alley, and She really Loved Me.   All We did was ride around in My Monte Carlo, Get High, and She was good in Bed. She spoiled Me, and that's why I broke-up with Her.                                           A Pretty Girl.

          Jen Smith  - She was The 'Sharpest' Girl I ever Dated.    Good Lookin' as could be.   We Double-Dated a lot: Drove around listenning to My Tunes.    We went to The Malls,   Stayed at Her Place, and Dined-Out every Night at different Places.  She was Fantastic in Bed.                                       I really Loved Her.                                                                                                                                        A 'Good-Lookin' Girl.

          Tamra Strata  - I Married her, and we were together for 9 yrs.    She was Foxy as hell.    We did lots of Things together:
We rode around a lot, just watching what was going on, and Rock & Rolled to My Jams.   We went to Silver Park a lot, having
Cook-Outs and watching The Fireworks, We went To Movie Drive-Ins, and We went to all kinds of Amusement Parks to ride The Roller Coasters.     We had 2 Kids:(Michelle and Mark).    She Loved Me.and did a lot for Me.     She was 'Great' in Bed.
       One Night at Munchies Bar We Danced Together: (Patsy Cline's "Crazy for loving You" was playing on The Juke Box),
and She held Me so tight,  Hugging and Kissing Me, Like I never saw no Man treated so Good Before...She was all over Me.                                                            I still kinda' Love Her now.                                            She was it.                                              She was 'So-Sharp'.
       When I was in My Early Twenties I took out A Girl almost every Night.   From Blonds to Brunettes, I always had A Good
Lookin' Girl to take out.      It was fun picking out A Girl,  just having Pride.        I was playing 'Fooseball' One Night, and this
'Sharp' Girl looked at Me from far away,and, Reading Her Lips, She said to Me: "You are so Good Looking".    I ended up in taking her out, and She was My Friends Wife, so I dropped Her off.    I had some Beautifull Girls in the past.     It means more to Me to Walk down The Street, holding A Pretty Girls hand (Repatation) then taking Her to Bed.   I had 3 Dates in one Night.                                                                         I never paid for Pussy, or was hard-up.              Lookin' Girls come Naturally.                          I Love 'Em.

                                           Women are it.  I always picked out The Sharpest Girls...It's in My Reputation.

                                                                                                                                                               The Babe's Are It,
                                                                                                                                                                                    Mike Strata.