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                                                    You had to be Tuff, and know how to Fight, or you'll never make it.

                   Prison is A Wild Place. If you got in a fight,you'd better be good. The C.O.Officers (Guards) usually turned thier heads
            and the rumble was on until somebody got fucked-up.  It's a Time for loneliness, being locked up behind bars, and most of all,
             you never got a piece of good News. You had to do everything on your own or it never got done. I fought a few times, but after            
I got Older, I just stayed in My room Rocking to Jams on WMMS, Staying out of trouble.  9 years without going to The Hole.  You get the pleasure of hearing about your Wife Fucking around on you, and all you can do is stay Locked - Up behind Bars.
                                                                          What A Fucked-Up Life it was.
         I got into 4 Fights there...Won 3 and lost to a Boxer.    You always had to stand on your feet, and never take no shit from nobody.                             I liked it Ruff..Maybe that's why I act like I do now.                                        I was on My own, and enjoyed keeping Quiet.
                                                      I never bothered no-body, but was there to "Get - Down" if I had to.
              Prison was a no-where Life of shit, but you didn't have a choice.   You were locked up behind bars, and nothing got any better.
                                                                   Here are some Occasions that went on:
                First it's like a whole new ballgame...You got to meet People, and everything was new. Then after a-while it got old, Fast.
I spent some Tuff - Times there. I got into a Fight with a guard, and they locked Me up in a hole so dark, that you could barly hear your Food tray coming. Then I got into a fight with a fag (Hate those kind of Punks) We went through some massive 'Shakedowns',  and being around Men all of the time got you sick.
                                                             I spent a lot of times in different dorms  
      You go there because you have to, not because you want to.  You never had any good-times. I dind't smoke dope, or drink so I stayed pretty much on My Own...Alone.    You start off at a Regular Dorm,   Then if your good they move you to an Honor (D-Dorm) :Place.
                                             All that I can remember that being up-stairs in C-Dorm was a real Prison.  
   You stuck-up for yourself.   There were no Guards up there, it had over 100 People in it, and something went on just about every Week.  Heres what went on:   Henry Hickle sold Marijunna, and theifs broke into His Locker and stole   3 Cartons  of Cigarettes off of him.  Well,    He found out,and He yelled out like a tuff-ass, and said: "You Punks that ripped Me off": here:,as He threw out some packs of Cigarettes on the floor and said " You forgot something", Now come and try to get them". As he was pissed-off.   Well, the next Day He gott Fucked  (InThedownstairsBathroom - Right by The Guards) Somebody Fucked Him Up so Bad, that He looked like something out of "Friday The Thirteenth" He got messed up Badly.  I went in to wash My Hands, looked up at him, and the blood was gushing aff his face.  I mean that he was so Fucked-Up  I thought He was dead.  That same Night he checked into the hole under Protective Custody (PC).
            Another Occasion A Man broke into a Guy's Locker Box, The Black Man knew it was him, so He walked up to The Man and kicked him in the face.   While the blood gushed off his face, pouring down: The White Men & Me stood on one side
of The Dorm, and The Blacks stood on the other side of The Dorm, and, for 15 Minutes nobody moved, just waiting for trouble,
but nothing happened.
             My Buddie Pete (Big Man) got into a fight with A Black Man over something, kinda got beat-up and there We were :
Whites on one side and Blacks on the other side of The Dorm...nothing Happened.
             This Guy got in some Marjiunna on A Visit, and told it to his Friends, and they got it in there heads to get him to go upstairs and beat Him up and take his Dope. Well, they suckered Him into going upstairs and the action began: They started to chase Him all around, throwing Punches (Just missing him) at Him and chasing Him. All I can remember is that he was running for his Life,  Jumping over Bunk Beds and dodging punches,  and he finally got away, as nobody coverred the Bars
of  downstairs... He went to The Hole and checked in P.C.
            Onother guy was sleeping in His top Bunk, and A Man hit Him in the head "With a lock in a sock", and knocked Him on the floor Uncontious.
                                                Time after time they had trouble upstairs...It Was A Real Prison.

           Then it was My turn for trouble. I went down to The Chow Hall to talk to someone (Real Fast) and The White Guy and This Nigger broke into My Locker. I got upstairs and started cussing; You Mother Fuckers, who did it?  I was Upstairs and My
Locker wasn't by My Bed area, So I got up and went to the mop room and their it was:  The nigger was real strong,  and He stood on it,  while pulling the lock holder up until it broke.    They stole 27 packs of Cigarettes and My J.V.C Walkman and Headphones. I luckily came back from the 'Chow Hall" fast, because their was some more Jerks trying to steal My priceless Cassette Tapes. I was hot, calling people fuckers, then a Friend took Me over and told Me who did it.  Well I carried a lock in the sock to blast these punks (A C.O. Guard) was even working upstairs. Everytime I Woke-Up to knock one of them, they were wide-awake, in fear of getting hurt.  Nothing could happen.   So, as time went on they thought that they got away of it, so I played a dirty Trick on them:  I payed a guy (Who didn't even see it) to write A Statement on them,  and He did,  and those Punks got Locker-Up for 5 months. I Loved It.  I even got My J.V.C.Stereo Walkman and Headphones back.   Fuck with Me again...Punks.  So, as it came to pass I went to D-Dorm (Honer) and had things My own way.

               The S.W.A.T. Team came in there 4 Different Times to 'Shake' The Place Down.   One time they turned The Lights On
           at 4:00 in the morning, and stood by Everyone's Bed so The Inmates coulden't do anything untill they got shook down.  Then  
                                                     They sent you to The Auditorium while they tore The Place Up.    
        One Time The 'Real' S.W.A.T. Team marched in and shook The Whole Camp Down. You were locked down in your dorm, Escorted to chow and for A Week They Tore Up The  Place.   This is the fun in being Locked-Up    

                                                   Prison is The Absolute Worst Thing that could ever happen to a Person.                        

                                                                                                                                                                   It was Aw-some,
                                                                                                                                                                                       Mike Strata.