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                                                                          The Dark Side Of The Moon
                                                                                         P       F  
                                                                                        I           L
                                                                                      N            O  
                                                                                    K   ---------    Y
                                                                                      ---------------   D
                                                              The Greatest Album thet their ever was made.

                    In 1972 The Group: David Gillmore, Roger Watars, Richard Wright, and Nick Mason put this Album Together.
                                                    The Album was on The Billboard Charts for 14 and 1/2 Years.
            Alan Parsons (Engineer) put this Record Together:     The Mixes, The Background Sounds, and The Studio Visualizations.
        The Songs: Breathe, On The Run,Time, The great gig in the Sky, Money (Number # 1) Song, Us & Them, Brain damage, and Eclipse  Money was a hell of A Song: The Band played The Song in 7/8 Time, Then They rolled into their Riff at 4/4 Time, Then they went
 to Finish The Song at 7/8 Time.    Roger Waters really got down in The Song in the middle, Playing The Best I' ve ever heard A Bass Guitar.  The Band really had it Together.   They were Fantastic.    I could Listen to that Album (D.V.D.) all The Time.    It was put together by some  real Professionals.   A lot of The Work on The Album consisted of Mixes, Images, and Synthias.
                        I' ve never heard of an Album put together so Good.   My Hats off to them, because they made it Big-Time.
     The Pink Floyd Album costed Millions of Dollars to make, and it sold over 7 Million Album.  These Guys performed like They were The
Greatest Band Ever.      The Album Cover was even fantastic.     You could look at it for Hours, and if you listened to it in a dark room it could
take you Places.                                 No-One ever produced an Album that was so Popular.
                                                                         David Gillmore: Lead Guitar.
                                                                         Richard Wright: Keyboards.
                                                                         Roger Waters: Bass Guitar.
                                                                         Nick Mason: Drums & Percussion.
                   Pink Floyd made Millionares of Themselves, by Putting out The Greatest Album Ever Made...They Were Fantastic!
                                                                                                                                                                          The Greatest,
                                                                                                                                                                                          Mike Strata.