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                                                                               M. Strata's Life

                                                                               K                B
                                                                                 I                  A
                                                                                  C      ---         C
                                                                                    K                  K

                                     The 'Style' of My Life is "BAD"...and it will be getting better when I move to Florida.

                 I Love My Life.   The 'Cool' Style.   I can do anything that I want to do, and it's Fantastic.     I Worked Hard for it, and now I got what I want.     Privacy, Peace, Money, and Enjoyment.    Currently I'm fortunate to paying $200.00  A Month, and My Mom is Beautiful for
helping Me out.
                I run The Computer whenever I want to, Then I listen to Rock Concerts on T.V., Then at 3:27p.m. I legally get High (Perscrittion)
Drugs, Then I eat A Free Meal at Night, Then watch a little Television (Tribe Ball Games) or A Movie before I go to Bed.  I do a little Work to
help out My Mom, but the rest of The Day is Kicked-Back.
                 I'm on Disability (Making 700.00 A Month, with  73.00 in Food, and I have Insurance to Pay for My Perscription Drugs, Hospital, ect.     Soon I'll have A Car, and be picking up Girls, and Livin' it up...Legally.    I Own A Computer(Layed-Out), A Television w/ Cable, A DVD, Layed-Out Clothes, A  J. V. C. Radio w' An EQ.ect.,A C.D. w/ 10 Rock  Groups, and I'm in A Customized Room.
                Friday's are My Day to go to The Mall and flirt with The Women.   You should hear how sexy They talk about  Me,..They call Me A 'Duke', Saying: "Your so hot Babe", and I even heard One Girl Whisper: 'You are so Good-Looking'.    I eat it up.   I will never have any trouble meeting The Girl Of My Dreams.    I Live for 'Em.  

         Florida is what I'm getting ready for.  I want to Own My Own Car Lot (National Auto) again, Live in A Layed-Back "Sharp" Trailor, Be in A Rock Group as A Professional, and Lay-Back with My ol' Ladie and Party Down.    My Goals are coming True (Thanks be to The Lord), and My mind is on An Attractive "Southern Girl'.   Then I'll be All-The-Way Layed Back.

                                            Money - Women - Cars- Drums and Percussion - and Peace are what life is all about.
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                                                                                                                                                                            Life is Great,
                                                                                                                                                                                          Mike Strata.