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                                                        My style of living is to be Cool, and to keep A Reputation
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              Cool:  A way that I' ve lived for a long time.    That's the way I am.    I like it that way, because it sets an example to Others, and it's in My style.    
       The way I Look, Act, and Dress is  My Life.     Clean-Cut, and ready for The Girls.       I' ve had a lot of Girls, but they got to be Good-Lookin', or I don't even waste the time in meeting them.  Babes are My Life.  I' ve always had Dates with 'Sharp' Women.      It's A Hobby: To go around and look for the best one.     I had 3 Dates in 1 Night, and it's a feeling of Pride to know that you took out All Good-Looking Girls all that same Time..
              'Cool' to Me means having Pride in yourself, and setting examples to Others that you are Some-one. Being smooth and calm acting to The Girls,making them special by the way you treat (Good) them, Doing things for them,and making good Love To Them is what they Like.       Don't ever tell A Girl that it's  "Do or Die"  to be with them, or you'll get dumped.
                                                       Act cool and be yourself with them...It always works.

          I' ve been througs all kinds of Girls by Acting Cool.   My layed-back Monte Carlo, with The Rockin'  Stereo picked up many Girls.   Mostly The Good - Lookin' Ones.   Riding around, Drinking a little Beer, Meeting your Buddies, and basically just passing Time with them really makes things go right.
             I' ve had A Cool Reputation for a long Time, and it really pays off when you meet The Right Girl.  After you do a few things their way, it opens up a whole new Attitude for them Loving You.  You got to have it.   It's the most important thing in The World to have A Sharp Babe         A  Girl  is  The  Best  Thing  In  Life.      I  Love  Them,  Cherish  Them,  and  have  Good  Times  With  Them.

                                                                     Be Yourself...Be Cool. It always pays off.

                                                                                                                                                                             Staying Cool,                                                                                                                                                                                                      
                                                                                                                                                                                           Mike Strata.